Cleansing Pad, Brush & Headband Trio

  • $35.00

The ultimate trio! Our headbands, brushes and Deluxe Cleansing Pads are the perfect accessories for your skincare.

★ Don't you hate it when you wash your face and your hair gets cleanser all through it and gets damp? Enough said! Our headbands are the perfect solution. 

★ Our Deluxe Cleansing Pads are the best friend to your cleanser! They can be used prior to cleansing as a little pre-cleanse or pair them with your cleanser to help remove any dirt, debris or any extra make up. Before Cleansing, wet your Deluxe Cleansing Pad and smooth it over your face, neck and closed eyes. 

★ Our Silicone Mask Brush is like nothing you have ever used before! The silicone brush will not hold bacteria or build up and waste product like normal brushes. Did we also mention it is super easy to clean! Definitely a must have for any Mask application.

Gently wash once a week and air dry.